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– Something strange has appeared on earth –

 Multiple gigantic beings with unique languages... and you're the only one who can deter them. 

You are the translator


A unique experience in which you are tasked with translating and conversing with unidentified entities. Your goal is to make them leave, while using their unique languages.

Note: Mac version seems to be temperamental; may or may not work


  • 3 unique entities:
    • Wreckingball, which has 2 consciousnesses,
    • Creaker, who is a blind pack predator,
    • Cow, who loves to ask philosophical questions,
    • and a secret one, which must be unlocked.
  • 3 interesting languages, with branching dialogue!
  • Careful gameplay and eerie atmospheres!
  • 2+ hrs of gameplay


  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Left click: Click, drag, or touch
  • Right click: Zoom
  • Escape: Pause / bring up language information
  • F11: Toggle fullscreen

Requirements: A pretty beefy computer

Sidenote: This game was made in 2-1/2 months, by a single person!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Tôtem v1.06 (MAC) 371 MB
Tôtem v1.06 (WIN) 346 MB

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Game's a bit too beefy for my laptop, but can't wait to play this on a stronger machine.


fun game

Does the final level require morse code knowledge...because it REALLY seems like a morse code scenario.

Game is fun to play and a great style not like the others but i got a question the last alien the Totem with the emps and the clicking and the red shiny Button is there a way to translate it or just the end by u know how i got it. ^^

You need to walk towards the totem.


will there be more aliens added? will this be put on steam?

There might be more aliens added eventually, and steam is most likely going to happen in the future, but right now I’m focusing on the sequel

looking forward to it. this is a game i am planning on buying very very soon

i saw a youtuber playing this game and it just looks so damn cool

Game is awesome, I have no idea how to play it though

Is it possible to customize the graphics? I'd really like to play it but I got very low fps and I can't find the options ingame? Has anyone a solution?

lol im just to good at this, just clicked some random files and then the game started

yeah that nice shot game

im so excited and i cant download xd, dont know what to do with the file

Ah, the file is a .zip, which means you'll have to extract it using either 7zip or winrar (or some other zipping program) by right clicking it. After that, the .exe is free to be opened. Hope that helps!

how do i download?


I would love to see more entities or more updates to have more conversations with the current entities. This is my favorite indie game by far because there is so much you can do with so little. Would love to see more!


holy shit the graphics from the screenshots...

and yet

346 MB?????

The plot sounds like the movie Arrival which came back in 2016. I'll play this and see if I like it :D


This is a very interesting idea and i fully enjoyed it, i hope there is a sequel...

well that a good thing that its free in its first week 

ill test it then ill give a former feed back

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@Shakles Thank you so much. This is such an amazing concept and playing it is more fun than hearing about it. I showed it to my sisters and they both beat it and now none of us can wait for the sequel. We love the lore dump in the end and really wanna see what comes next. So again, thank you for such a beautiful game and for making it free on top of that.

It is working on a med level laptop?

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my zephyrus laptop (high end) runs it smoothly but gets VERY hot. I'm sure it will run for short periods on med level :)


Someone recommended it on the free stuff and i just check it.Found out it is really unique logic game with rare interactivity gameplay you see. It need a lot of optimization and i think if the creator can make out this unique and not repetitive type of puzzles , for sure it will be an hit with good price as the other indie devs if the sequel get more investment making it more polish.

P.S. add an IQ score in the requirement spec  :P


I was watching a streamer play this, and after 10 minutes of wreckingball I closed the stream and downloaded it. And I just blew up. This game is genuinely fresh and fantastic, but it brought my computer to its knees. His recommendation is correct, your computer better be a chonky boy. 10/10


i saw someone streaming this game, immediately bought it and beat it in less than two hours, and all i could think the whole time is "this game is so cool!" so thanks for that original puzzle game, i loved it. really hope the sequel comes to fruition, what i've read about it has me already hype :D


halp i can't play it. i downloaded it and extracted the files but it won't let me run it.... ;-;


Interesting.. Does something happen when you click on it? 

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itch.io bundle says it's still free, is it right or is it wrong, would love to play this game but gotta pay the bills and eat some food lol

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Ah nah sorry m8. That bundle was from a while ago, I dunno why some places still say it's free

It's free now


yo can you make a sound board for the shark creature 

or give it a name so i can try learn the language on my guitar?

Oh wow that's awesome! Um, I don't actually have a soundboard on hand because the pitch shifting is actually done roughly through code, so the best way to learn would be to just imitate it. For a proper name, though... I would say Corne, as in: speaking Corne.

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It crashes for me, can't play :(
The game starts, I see a little of the game world for a second, then it crashes.
Some empty "crash handler" (title) window comes up, but without any information inside, and closes directly after, then windows generates another crash window that says: "Totem.exe has stopped working [ok]".

Some proper debugging messages would REALLY be appreciated.

So I have a chance to pinpoint what is wrong, or if my computer is too weak or something, now I can't even determine what part of the computer it is that could cause an issue.
I have used ProcessExplorer.exe (besically TaskManager but better), and all it shows is a single spike of "GPU Usage" spiking to 96% but ALL other diagrams look fine (CPU, RAM, Hard-drive, Network,... all fine).

Well that's new.. What kind of graphics card are you packing? The game is pretty graphically intensive so it might be that it just gets overloaded maybe

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Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (revision: A2).
(Sorry for the delay)

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Ah yeah, that's most likely the issue. That's a pretty low-powered gpu for something like this, sorry bout that :/


Dealing with the Creaker In this video. haha What a truly unique and enjoyable game.  Loads of fun. If you havent grabbed it yet...What are you waiting for?


Hey Shakles, awesome game!! I'm having a bug with Cow right now where its just nodding after every answer I give and not asking me any more questions. I've tried tons of combinations, but I get the same nod animation for each one. Did I mess something up?

Hmm, well that doesn't seem right, I don't think. I'd have to check in on that, but for now maybe just try again with him? (Either that or you're just really lucky lol)


It happened twice. After I would get two strikes, he would ask another question and no matter what response I gave he would keep nodding. I eventually figured it out though after restarting a couple times and figured out just how the language worked. I really really love this concept and hope you continue with it in the future. :)))


This game is GREAT!! I love the different ways you can communicate with the beings! I hope there will be more content in the future! You got some good work!


Cow was real fun! It's questions actually made me think! I answered the first three questions fine but got it didn't like my last two answers. Philosophical indeed!


i've seen so much hype about this game that i just had to get it. but it seems it cannot run on Mac BigSur. any tips? is it possible to run with a terminal command/upx or anything?

Hey! I'm not actually sure. I've never had a Mac to test with, so I've never had the chance to test anything... so, sorry I can't really help you with that :/


Loving this very unique game. Still learning it. There is a learning curver. But it is def fun while playing it.


Hey, glad you liked it! Yeah it definitely is a game that takes some time to click haha


I love all three entitys! Im trying to figure out if there actually is a way to solve the last one though, is there?

Yeah, there is definitely a way to solve the last one. Just gotta make sure to speak clearly and pass his tests essentially


This game is really interesting. I really like Creaker and its weird vocalization, it sends shivers up my spine.

I look forward to your future projects!

Thank you! Glad you like it :)


My man, nice work.

As a lot of the latest comments, I came here from IGP.
Only saw him complete the first scenario, and that was enough for me.

Nice work @Shakles. Really unique little title you made here.

I'm hoping that some extended version, or even sequel title may be on your mind.

Thank you so much, that means a lot! Actually, I have been thinking of some sort of "sequel" in a rough sense, but that's a long ways off right now

Well, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

I'm having an issue where all I can do is walk backwards. Anyone else with this issue?


I love this game so far! Saw it from the IGP Vid.
But I'm kind of stuck on the cow, I tried every single word on the first question and every single one seems to be wrong.

Maybe it's just me and my brain is just too smooth to understand the philosophy behind a giant circle cow.
Is there any chance for a short "Tip" section just to understand the language a bit better?

Otherwise amazing game. 14/10 want more of it. Would pay more for a bigger game with story and such :)


Nvmd I just beat the cow. Now I finally understand.

Glad to hear it :)


I too saw IGP's gameplay video and watched about half of it before jumping here to purchase!! I know there are no plans for updates - but any chance of a possible way to invert the Y axis pretty please? 

At the moment I'm really struggling without it :( 
Thank you in advance!

Ah, sorry, there isn't any way right now. I might push an update in the future tho

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No problem, I realised after a few minutes that I could stand still and it wasn't a problem! A way to drop the resolution from native 4k to 1080p would be appreciated though (for idiots like me with a 4k screen on a laptop that can't run it without overheating!!) ;)
I can run it, but only for about 15 minutes at a time before it hits 90+degrees! Stupid Alienware laptop :(


This looks really cool! I'll be buying it later when I can scrounge the cash, but I was watching IGP play this game and didn't quite understand how he communicated with Creaker.

I'm assuming that you read the top bar of each column to determine the meaning?

Hey, glad you like the look of it! That IGP video was pretty dope. The way you communicate with creaker is by reading the levels: the level height shows what the associated word at that place is. It's up to you to figure out what the string of words means, essentially


I love the atmosphere and larger than life aliums but my brain is just too small for the puzzles

Haha, yeah the puzzles can be hard :) If you're having too much trouble, I recommend watching some playthroughs online!

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can my laptop run this game?
heres the specs 
processor: Intel® Core™ i5 3337U 1.8GHz with a turbo boost up to 2.7Ghz
graphics card: Intel® HD Graphics 4000
4 Gb of ram

also i have a question is this a full release of the game and not a demo or beta?
and when is the next update coming?

Ooh, i doubt it. That graphics card especially in quite underpowered for it. Though you can try to run it anyways, who knows?

As for the updates: there aren't any. I might put out a bug fix update or something every once in a while, but no new content would be added. It's not really that kind of game. Also, it's a full release, not a beta.

oh ok thanks :)

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