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Something strange has appeared on earth – multiple gigantic beings with unique languages... and you're the only one who can deter them. You are the translator

A unique experience in which you are tasked with translating and conversing with unidentified entities. Your goal is to make them leave, while using their unique languages.


  • 3 unique entities:
    • Wreckingball, which has 2 consciousnesses,
    • Creaker, who is a blind pack predator,
    • Cow, who loves to ask philosophical questions,
    • and a secret one, which must be unlocked.
  • 3 interesting languages, with branching dialogue!
  • Careful gameplay and eerie atmospheres!
  • 2+ hrs of gameplay


  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Left click: Click, drag, or touch
  • Right click: Zoom
  • Escape: Pause / bring up language information
  • F11: Toggle fullscreen

Requirements: Relatively good PC, Windows, Macm or Linux.

Sidenote: This game was made in 2-1/2 months, by a single person!


Get this game and 1 more for $6.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Tôtem v1.05 (WIN) 346 MB
Tôtem v1.05 (MAC) 371 MB
Tôtem v1.05 (LINUX) 370 MB

Development log


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My god, the Cow is probably the scariest of the creatures. It's just so ridiculously massive, and it's the one that wants to talk philosophy.

Haha, yeah, he's a chunker all right. Nice vid! (Currently nearly done my next project, btw!)


Sorry it took me so long to get back to it! Cow and Totem are set to release next Monday.

Awesome! Loved the vid! (I suggest you download the latest update though, I fixed a major bug with the Cow ^)


Oh, no. I recorded a while ago, and I got past the cow on the first question and was like "That can't be right." And then I spent a while trying to at least get all five questions, and never could, so I just moved on to Totem.

Oh, that's a bummer, that's exactly what I patched too. Oh well, at least it's fixed now


This is my new favorite game genre. It's a whole new type of puzzle game.


Thank you so much! That really means a lot! Glad you like it :)


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


Currently there aren’t any plans, but perhaps in the future sometime that might happen


Fair enough. If you do change your mind and are able to make a Linux version count me in for a purchase !

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A creative and truly unique experience! I've only managed to "finish the conversation" with one of the beings so far, but I'm eager to try and figure out how to talk with the others. 

I don't think this game is for everyone, but if you don't mind putting in a bit of work, it feels pretty rewarding when you begin to understand each other.

Thank you so much! That's pretty much exactly what i wanted it to be, so i'm glad it turned out that way! Btw, there indeed was a glyph missing on the pause screen, sorry 'bout that! I'll fix that asap