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Uncleft is a sprawling rogue-lite which emphasizes progression, challenge, and variety. The game features 10 dungeon levels as well as nearly 200 unique items which you acquire through chests you find throughout the dungeons. You can expect 3 unique bosses a dozen common enemies and a unique world which supports multiple play-styles. Just a single play-through from start to finish can take from 2-10 hours depending on how thorough you want to be.

This game will not be receive any further updates and is released here for archive purposes. Any major bugs found will not be fixed. It's a game I have worked on-and-off on for a few years starting  back in October, 2015 and I released this last and latest version back in July, 2018. You can press [i] in game for information about the game.

The second file "DungeonCrawler-Test.exe" is the earliest version of the game I could find, which was created October 14th, 2015. This was probably just after I had added the inventory. Originally the project started as a dungeon generator, but then I added some skeletons to make it feel alive. Then I added a player to walk around with. Then I added items and chests. After that stuff ballooned quickly. The counter on this version is based on the original idea I wanted which is that you had a certain amount of time to collect items before the dungeon would generate again, at a higher difficulty and with better loot, getting more and more difficult.


WASD: Movement.   LMB: Use.   RMB: Interact.   Shift: Sprint.   Scroll or Numbers: Cycle through hotbar.   E: Inventory.   Escape: Pause.

Fun Stuff: [F1] GODMODE! (Press left or right to go through the list of all items, enter to spawn) [F2] DISABLE LIGHTS! (In case the shadow creatures start getting brave) [F12] SMOOTH LIGHTING! (Very very slow, but looks neat)

Old videos from October/November 2015 showing the "weird phases" where I made it an open-world, day/night cycle, building and digging game: 

Install instructions

Reminder: This game will not be receiving any more updates. If you happen to come face-to-face with a game-breaking bug, you can restart the level, or restart the game, as your progress is saved.

You do not need to extract the game.


Uncleft 1.0.zip 25 MB
DungeonCrawler-Test.exe 2 MB

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